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Al Qasr
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Al Qasr Al Jali (Octagonal-Shaped) Drop Earrings in 18K Rose and White Gold

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Al Qasr drop Earrings with two distinct octagonal-shaped gold discs are layered in 18k rose and white gold. Those earrings consist of a metallic post t secured at the back of the ear with a butterfly nut. The clasp is in the form of gold Rhombus, and a gold chain hangs from it in the middle of it is decorated with Rhombus shape in white gold. Al Jali is a term for perforated stone windows usually decorated with elaborate calligraphy and mathematical geometry inspired by the traditional patterns of Arabic art, Al Qasr transforms Arabic architecture motifs into elegant and contemporary jewellery bringing to life the traditional and decorative art forms of Arabic heritage. Wear it with Al Qasr matching necklace and bracelet to add a vintage touch to your look
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Brands Al Qasr
Products Earrings
Metal Purity 18k
Pieces Gold
Special Price 1,312.50 AED Regular Price 1,750.00 AED 25% OFF
Al Qasr collection is inspired from the traditional motifs of both Islamic art and Arabic architecture, and specifically explores their use of beautiful geometric patterns. The collection was designed by an expert in-house design team, set in 18K yellow, rose and white gold and features two shapes a drop and octagon to capture the essence of rich heritage of the Middle east in the form of unique and contemporary designs. Some of pieces are studded with stunning diamond embellishments. The collection features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles and rings. It can be worn singular or in sets that will complement each other creating a complete prodigious look
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