Exhibition Space


The Region’s First Luxury Lifestyle Destination. An experiential journey of discovery which brings together unique jewellery pieces, art and fashion under one roof to create a home of exceptional creativity and craftsmanship. As a homegrown brand from the region for the region.

Exceptional Showcases

The exhibition room at Bayt Damas displays the region’s and the world’s most exceptional designs in jewellery, art and in fashion. The space is periodically transformed to house a curated portfolio of exhibitions & events where trends are unveiled in celebration of the region’s most incredible talents in jewellery, art and fashion to be a home “Bayt” of the most coveted brands & artists such as collaboration with Bil Arabi, Anabela Chan and many others.

An Abode of Wonder

Bayt Damas is an abode of experiential wonderment curating conditions for discovery and transformation, paying homage and celebrating the region’s emerging talents alongside Damas’ unique designs blending with the most coveted global and local brands


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