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Harmony by Symphony Necklace in 18K White Gold with Akoya Pearls and Diamond

Details & Description

Like a shimmering bar of the most beautiful musical notes, this 18k white gold necklace brings an artful twist to the melody of life, creating a harmonious masterpiece of symmetry and sparkle. Just like a composer carefully creates an impression to stir emotions, this design plays with a cascade of silhouettes and shimmer to speak to your soul. Here, the amazing lustre of round Akoya pearls (weighing 2.99 ct) is united with 0.411 ct of marquise and round diamonds, inviting you to tune in to the power of dazzling gems. Fall in love with this composition set beautifully on an 18.5-inch chain.
More Information
Brands Symphony
Products Necklaces
Metal color White
Measurement 18.5 in
Metal Purity 18k
5,250.00 AED
The Symphony collection draws its inspiration from music, capturing the rhythm and beauty of life in harmonious arrangements of 18K gold, diamonds, pearls and colourful gemstones. In every composition lies a masterpiece of orchestration, where precious jewels create a melody sparkling with emotions. Just as music has the power to transcend time, the timeless beauty of Akoya pearl is the muse of this collection, with its incredible lustre bringing a radiant charm to every piece, complemented by the shimmer of diamonds and joyful hues of blue sapphire, pink and green tourmaline. The Symphony collection unites these wondrous gems of nature in designs whose playful notes reflect infinite moods, inviting you to find the perfect piece that speaks to your soul.
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