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Lace Single Medallion Bracelet in 18K Rose Gold With Turquoise And Diamonds

Details & Description

Lace bracelet in 18K rose gold is a delicate thin cable chain embellished with a floating medallion and two diamonds. The medallion features golden calligraphy lines of a skilfully crafted traditional arabesque motif delicately overlaying and contrasting with an eye-catching Turquoise stone. Scattered with diamond embellishments that bring the pattern to life, the shiny, colourful, timeless medallion of striking beauty expresses finesse, elegance, and grace. Worn individually, paired, or stacked, this timeless bracelet is a perfect combination of tradition and trend for classy, delicate, yet confident and determined women.
More Information
Brands Lace
Products Bracelets
Metal color Yellow
Metal Purity 18k
403 BHD
The Lace collection embodies women's’ supreme elegance and their graceful fluidity using mesmerizing biomorphic, geometric patterns that represent the underlying order and unity of nature with symmetrical textures and structures reflecting women's’ alluring complexity and undeniable beauty making for iconic designs that are classically and modernly prepossessing. Each design reflects balance, rhythm and symmetry making for a feminine and graceful addition to your outfit. Lace collection features delicate patterns that resemble artistic paintings that draw inspiration from the Arabic architecture with lacelike insertions illustrated by interwoven geometric silhouettes with malachite, black or white mother of pearl and turquoise creating mesmerizing contrast against the 18K yellow gold. The interwoven geometric silhouettes are made with a variety of precious stones, the protection stone, Malachite, known for its beautiful rich green colour and its absorption of negative energies enhancing well-being or with black or with white Mother Of Pearl famous for its healing power helping with emotional balance and harmony, or with the purification Turquoise stone with its heavenly colour from aqua blue to light azure green helping induce internal serenity and lifting depleted spirits. The collection is set in 18K hammered texture pure gold and expands to include necklaces, pendant chains, earrings, rings, anklets, panja, bracelets and bangles.
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