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Revolve Diamond Pendant Chain With Moving Mechanism set in 18K Rose Gold

Revolve — REV-105-DI-PC-R.0
Revolve is an innovative design that is made of layered discs and with moving elements that becomes holistic and therapeutic connecting body and mind. Some of the designs are hollowed providing for a lighter option that blends with your skin. The Revolve designs have a repetitive nature that is comforting and helps release anxiety with its moving mechanism of the revolving discs, the designs come in three gold tones and combinations using: 18K yellow, white and rose gold, and further beautifying the designs, brilliant round diamond embellishments are meticulously added providing sparkle and shine to the wearer. Revolve comes in the form of necklaces, bangles, drop and hoop earrings and rings. Perfect for everyday outfits and for occasion wear.
5,950 AED
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