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ANMOL Gold Bracelet

Details & Description

Bracelets: Serene gold bracelet with floral elements and geometric intricacies that exhibit elaborate detail and modernity.
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Brands Anmol
Products Bracelets
Metal color Yellow
Metal Purity 22k
125.000 OMR
Delicate gold jewelry with intricate geometric patterns sown together to form floral designs, a reminder of sheer elegance and valiance.​ The Anmol collection is an expression of everything that is priceless - beautiful memories, rich experiences, and our sacred environment. Jewellery that can be worn on days you feel adventurous and excited - a daring yet gentle reflection of you.​ Gold flowers and intricate structural patterns form the heart of the design of the Anmol collection. It depicts duality of nature and your inner self- freedom, creating a balance.​
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