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Damas Engagement Brilliant Diamond With Halo 0.70 Carat

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Damas Engagment Brilliant Cut 0.70 carat. All the Damas diamonds are graded and certified by our expert gemologists based on the 4C's cut, clarity, colour and carat. Each diamond is individually picked exhibiting superior brilliance, fire and clarity.
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Brands Damas Engagement
Products Rings
Metal color White
Metal Purity 18k
2,205.000 OMR
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Worthy of life's most marvolus occasions and moments that will ever be celebrated. The Damas engagment collection features immaculate traditional and contemporary designs that will be passed down for generations to come. Each diamond is planned for excellence and is individually picked based on the global grading standards and is certified by our expert gemologists based on the 4Cs, Cut, Clariy, Colour and Carat. C for Cut: the cut of the stone is not the shape, shape refers to whether the stone is round or cushion or princess etc. while the Cut of the stone is a testament to the skilled artisan who plans, maps and hand cuts the facets on each individual diamond. A diamond’s cut is one of the most important factors of diamond quality as it controls its shine, fire and brilliance as it commands how reflective of light the diamond is. C for Clarity: The main two clarity grading categories are inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are natural imperfections that occur inside the diamond when it is being formed under immense heat and pressure while blemishes are imperfections that appear on the surface of the diamond and occur while polishing and cutting the diamond. The clarity of the diamond is determined based on the place and colour of the blemishes. Lab grown diamond has remarkable clarity of SI2 or better making for a brilliant honest diamond. C for Color: diamonds’ colour is assessed and graded based on the absence of colour, the more the colourless the diamond the more radiant it is. Lab grown diamonds occupy the top seven colour grading categories. C for Carat: Carat is the weight of a diamond. In all diamonds, size is a large measure to the price of the stone. The price of the diamond will increase exponentially the larger the carat size. Diamonds have long been considered as a token of love and commitment, Lab grown diamonds allow you to show your love with a considerably larger diamond for a much lower price without compromising on any of the other grade categories of cut, clarity and colour, these diamonds exhibit superior quality, radiance and brilliance.
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