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Kanzi Bracelet in 18K Rose Gold and studded with Raspberry Rhodolite Orange Citrine, and Purple Amethyst

Details & Description

A vivid and colourful tin cup bracelet in 18K rose gold garnished with gleaming Raspberry Rhodolite, Purple Amethysts and Orange Citrine floating along a thin cable chain. The gemstones alternate in colours, with three of them studded in a golden nest incrusted with diamonds that complement the gemstones luminosity, thus creating movement. It can be mixed and matched with other bracelets or stand out by itself. This modern yet timeless sequin design bracelet is the expression of the deep love that Raspberry Rhodolite implies, coupled with the warmth and willpower denoted by Orange Citrine and the divine energy of Purple Amethyst. A combination of vibrant colours to celebrate every woman'ss deepest wonderful treasure: her infinite and unconditional love to herself and to others, and to put forth her powerful presence and shining beauty.
More Information
Brands Kanzi
Diamond 0.41
Products Bracelets
Metal color Rose
Diamond Clarity VS-SI
Diamond G-H
Measurement 18cm
Metal Purity 18k
918.000 OMR
Kanzi - My Treasure in Arabic - is a beautiful testament of love and self-love in all its powers and essence, Kanzi is the true treasure that starts from within. Express your confidence and identity through this collection of colorful, precious gemstones in subtle but bold hexagonal cuts complemented and wrapped with soft curves. The new collection takes inspiration from ancient Sikka (the Arabic name for ancient coins also known as Sequin in English) that were used to ornament Pharaoh’s garments. These were found intricately sewn on garments of famous kings like Tutankhamun as an expression of power and wealth that would travel with them to the afterlife. Kanzi is the perfect collection to unveil around Valentine’s Day: Treasurable and treasure-inspired, the collection is a mix between the hidden beauty of gemstones that shines once out in the light and the authenticity of ancient gold coins. It is a beautiful, elegant range of designs and a vibrant color palette set to become every confident woman’s unique expression. Modern yet timeless, the collection features 18K gold, citrine, amethyst, and intricate craftsmanship. These carefully curated gemstones can be adorned with delicately cut diamonds that complement their luminosity. The necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, ear-cuffs, and panja can be worn separately, paired, or stacked to match moods, styles, and occasions. Discover and enjoy styling Kanzi along with the beautiful Alif, Dome, Fireworks, Revolve, Star and other premium collections. Celebrate every woman in your life, including yourself with this incredible combination that reflects the multi-faceted beauty of the person wearing them. Kanzi is the ultimate and everlasting love story every woman should have: self-love.
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