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Jal Crystal Blue Waves 18K Rose Gold Earrings

Details & Description

The18k rose gold Jal Earrings are made to represent the reflection of sunlight on clear water with three different shades of blue enamels with gold strings intertwined together to form a symmetrical texture in the middle. The earring clasp features additional details embellished in blue enamel. For a radiant look wear it with its matching earrings and bracelet.
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Brands Jal
Products Earrings
Metal Purity 18k
Special Price 196.004 OMR Regular Price 280.000 OMR 30% OFF
Inspired by water the vital force of all known forms of life. A mesmerising force with its tidal waves and gentle ripples that warmly hug the shore. Each piece of Jal collection reflects some of the infinite shapes of water as it flows, rushes, ebbs and torrents in a collection that features necklaces, long chains, pendants, earrings and bracelets set in 18k rose gold. And to add more fascinating details to jewellery some of the pieces are embellished with colourful enamels to represent the reflective body of water against light.
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