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The Inspiration

Traditional Craftsmanship

A myriad of timeless jewellery pieces are featured in our 22K gold collection. Using the traditional ethnic craftsmanship and artistry inspired by the Indus Valley period in the Indian history, using precious gemstones that bring to larger-than-life designs that hold both great value of material as well as sentimental value incorporating cultural symbolism of prosperity, good health, power, prosperity and femininity, our 22K gold jewellery is keepsake jewellery at it best.

The Story

Heirloom Quality

Using innovative techniques changing the aesthetic shapes and designs of pieces to bring about jewellery pieces as an art form to showcase gems, stones, and metals. inspired by the deep roots of the royal era of fore and jadau jewellery; a prized possession in any Indian jewellery box and is often lovingly given as a gift through generations as an heirloom


Damas Collections


Drawing inspiration from royal jewels, Legacy is aristocratic splendor reimagined for the modern era.  Reviving  a love for uncut diamonds and colored gems,  these jewels are cherished treasures for all generations to be worn on special occasions.

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Meticulously handcrafted with the brilliance of diamonds and the allure of colored gemstones, Ananya exquisite pieces will make you feel unique and precious.

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A contemporary celebration of heritage in vibrant hues, Rangoli is where captivating stones meet gold craftsmanship in perfect adornments for special daily and evening occasions.

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Embark on a journey through Paradise, drawing inspiration from the Tree of Life. Bold designs in resplendent gold reflect the radiant story of every woman's extraordinary journey and personal evolution.

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Nine precious stones: Ruby, diamond, blue sapphire, emerald, yellow sapphire, red coral, pearl, cat's eye and hessonite) depicting the 9 planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

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Most Popular Pieces

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