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Craftmanship & Expertise

Each jewel starts with a sketch embodying the innovative inspiration of the creative ideas of our designers. A hand-made prototype of the design is then created by our skilful artisans. All our diamond and gemstones go through a tedious process of qualification and selection by our experienced gemmologists to not only choose state-of-the-art gemstones but also choosing the right stone for the right piece of jewellery, this process is a true reflection of our artisanal excellence helping us make remarkable contemporary creations that perpetuate tradition.


Pioneers & Innovators

Bridging the gap between design and technology is an art in the jewellery-making process. At Damas we embrace both the machine-based processes and the top-class handcraft skills of making jewellery in the traditional way. Finding the balance can only be mastered by a careful understanding of the material used in the piece and its mechanical behaviour. All to bring together a piece of art with exquisite quality, good workmanship, and finish.




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