The Grace Of Lace

Inspired by the Arabic architecture and features mesmerizing patterns. Lace transforms these intricate designs into vibrant and modern medallions which make a statement of confidence and elegance.

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New Arrivals

Introducing our Ramadan 2024 new arrivals, featuring versatile jewellery pieces designed to complement any occasion, seamlessly transitioning from iftar gatherings to suhoor soirées. Elevate your Ramadan style with timeless elegance and effortless grace.

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Ramadan Offers

Explore our exclusive Ramadan offers on jewellery, designed to cater to every style preference, from traditional to contemporary. Plus, receive a complimentary Damas branded jewellery organizer box to keep your treasures safe and organized throughout the holy month.

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Alif. A Tribute To Every Woman

Discover the Alif jewellery collection, epitomizing stackable elegance and offering limitless styling possibilities, empowering every woman to express her unique style this Ramadan. Inspired by the majestic first letter of the Arabic alphabet, Alif celebrates strong roots and proud origins, embodying the essence of 'Assel' in Arabic.

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Links a symbol of bonding and connection

with a romanticized take to the link chain trend, making for jewellery that is feminine with ever relevant sophistication offering infinite styling options with adjustable chains and various lengths allowing you to multiply and layer them together or adjust and wear solo depending on your collar shape.

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Stella D’Oro. A Star Of Gold.

Inspired by the unique six-petalled Stella d’Oro flower, which blooms every day during the blossoming season, reflecting the eternal beauty of a woman, never fading away. This collection represents eternal beauty, symbolized by the balanced shape of its six petals representing perfection, purity and good fortune, an accolade to the wondrous star of gold.

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Ramadan Styling

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