Leonardo Da Vinci Cut
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Leonardo Da Vinci Cut Diamond Pendant Chain 18K White Gold

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This necklace features an ingenuous original design using Leonardo Da Vinci's golden formula, one that he believed transforms any raw material into something wonderful with divine perfection & harmony. The result is diamond jewellery that exhibit ideal brilliance and appear brighter & larger thanks to their design. this necklace uses 18K white gold with a brilliant diamond at its centre while diamond studs encircle the magnificent design creating a sparkling piece of jewellery.
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Brands Leonardo Da Vinci Cut
Products Pendants
Metal Purity 18k
19,450.00 AED
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Using Leonardo Da Vinci’s mathematical golden formula to divine perfection and harmony. The result is an original Cut with outstanding beauty and brilliance. Leonardo Da Vinci believed that any raw material could be transformed into something extraordinary using the mathematical golden formula , approaching the alchemic idea of divine perfection and harmony. The Diamond Jewellery in Da Vinci Collection are perfect designs of the solids, designed using the golden proportion, stimulated based on the idea of applying the same mathematical formula in cutting a diamond, the result is jewellery that exhibit a kaleidoscopic effect of three stars that are visible to the naked eye emitting outstanding beauty & brilliance, Da Vinci diamonds appear bigger and brighter exceeding the "Ideal" level in brightness when compared to regular cut diamonds. Each facet expressing the utmost brilliance.
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