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Lace Key 18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Malachite Necklace

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Elegantly nestled in 18k yellow gold, this Lace Key pendant gleams with the brilliance of 0.29 carats of diamonds. Within its cherished medallion, inspired by the region's timeless architecture, resides the transformative aura of malachite, symbolizing personal growth and renewal. Much like a golden key unlocking hidden treasures, this pendant carries profound meaning. It embodies the blessing of good fortune and the delicate art of safeguarding precious secrets. Gracefully suspended from a 45cm chain, it serves as a radiant testament to your unique beauty and style, an invitation to explore and celebrate your innate elegance, all while embracing the journey of personal growth and transformation.
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Brands Lace
Products Pendants
Metal Purity 18k
7,450.00 AED
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Each finely crafted Lace Key pendant makes a striking style statement that is brimming with deeper meaning. For some, the key is a symbol of good fortune, while for others it reflects the keeping of precious secrets. With the new Lace Key edition, the invitation is open to all women to unlock their elegance and find their true reflection among an alluring array of designs. Each pendant also holds the essence of the Lace collection’s universally loved medallions, featuring meticulously crafted lace-like patterns inspired by the beauty of the region’s architecture. These medallions are brought to life by majestically coloured gemstones. For Lace Key, the choice is offered of malachite, with its rich green hues symbolizing personal growth and transformation, or mother of pearl, the wonder of the oceans famed for its delicate lustre and said to attract good fortune. Diamonds also make a star appearance in the Lace Key edition, amping up the beauty of these statement pieces with their scintillating allure, bringing a powerful symbolism of unbreakable bonds while making every woman feel feminine, sophisticated and strong.
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Lace Key

Unlock your grace with the new Lace Key collection of dazzling pendants from Damas. Sophisticated femininity is a well-kept secret represented by the Key of Lace crafted in yellow or white gold, with a choice of malachite, mother of pearl and diamonds.

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