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Rangoli Twist 22K Yellow Gold Peacock Pendant Chain

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Details & Description

The 22k yellow gold Rangoli Twist peacock Pendant chain is a symbol of spirituality, freedom, self-expression, integrity, love, and pride. The Chain is embellished with feather-shaped emerald and ruby stones held on the edges with solid gold beads for added glamour. The pendant features meticulously crafted gold detailing with a generous two tiered line-up of vibrant ruby stones, the eye of the peacock uses an emerald stone and in addition a larger teardrop cut emerald hangs from the pendant.
More Information
Brands Rangoli
Emerald Weight 1.58 Ct
Ruby Weight 10.1 Ct
Products Pendants
Metal color Yellow
Metal Purity 22k
6,930.00 AED
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The Rangoli Twist collection is inspired by rangoli's decorative designs of geometric shapes, flower and petal shapes. Set in 22K yellow gold with beautiful gemstone embellishments and illustrations. The collection features necklaces, bracelets, earrings and malas, with sets that will complement each other creating a complete radiant look as well as singular pieces that are made to stand out. Using emeralds and rubies which create a beautiful contrast similar to that of the prosperous nature of the lotus flower which submerges every night into river water and miraculously re-blooms the next morning. This collection is a celebration of eternal elegance, enlightenment and colourful intensity
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