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This hard collar choker design uses 18K white gold tube design that beautifully and elegantly wraps around the neck meeting in the front of neck to hold two brilliant diamonds using 3 carat oval cut diamond on one side and 1 carat emerald cut diamond making for a mesmerizing piece of jewellery that is a pure manifestation to elegance and style. Atom by atom man-made diamonds are real diamonds that exhibit the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds without the environmental toll of mining. All diamonds are provided with HRD certification.
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Brands Gaia
Diamond Oval (3CT), Emerald (1CT)
Products Necklaces
Metal color White
Diamond Cut Oval, Emerald
Metal Purity 18k
9,407 KWD
GAIA the diamonds of tomorrow. Gaia is a breakthrough man-made diamond collection that are powered by eco-friendly energy and have zero carbon footprint. Cultivating diamonds above ground, using natural diamonds to define the atomic blueprint of diamonds adding carbon to a plasma react.or to re-create the very same process diamonds are formed in nature and without the environmental toll of mining. The collection presents a wide array of designs in the form of rings, pendants chain, chokers, earrings and bangles. Each diamond is HRD certified and is individually planned for excellent cut for optimum brilliance using Asscher, Baguette, Cushion, Emerald, Half Moon, Hexagon, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Trillion and Round Brilliant cut diamonds. With trendy and classic styles that can easily translate from day to night, equally beautifying your evening wear and your less formal attire and designs especially made for engagement and weddings. The diamonds of tomorrow shine with a reflect.ion of a brighter future which we dream to give our children. What we give is who we are, the women of tomorrow.
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