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Engagement and bridal jewellery are manifestations of the memories, the infinite love and the promise. Signifying the characteristics of relationships with classic romanticism or exquisite nonconformism. Enjoy a glamorous array of engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewellery sets.

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Heirloom Quality Diamonds

Magnificent engagement jewellery adorned with most beloved gem, diamonds. Damas presents you with heirloom quality & generational treasures made for life’s most precious moments and milestones.

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Your Diamond. Your Choice.

Diamonds are gorgeous stones and remain until today one of the most prized gems in the world due to their infinite elegance and beauty whether you opt for a lab grown diamond or a mined diamond, both diamonds have the exact same composition, fire, brilliance, and beauty with only their origin as the difference.

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Less Expensive Larger Diamonds

Gaia Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds they are identical to mined diamonds, physically, chemical, and optically. Made in a lab by accelerating the exact same process mined diamonds are created in nature, what takes nature billions of years to create is replicated to form a diamond in a controlled environment in just a few months.

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