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Our story began over 100 years ago; we have since become the leading and most recognized jewellers in the Middle East with over 160 locations. Our name is synonymous with the unparalleled luxurious Arabian aesthetic. Innovation, craftsmanship and design integrity remains at the heart of everything we do.

Jewellery With Meaning

Each Damas collection is conceived, designed and developed to harness a meaning and a message each jewel starts with a sketch embodying the innovative inspiration of the creative ideas of our designers. Made to make every woman feel special, precious and empowered.


Damas Collections


The first edition of this collection is an escape to the grandeur of the historical architecture of Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. The pieces express the patterns that lie within the walls of the palace and highlights the vivid colours that represent the spirit of Spain, its culture and landscapes.

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Al Qasr

Al Qasr collection is inspired from the traditional motifs of both Islamic art and Arabic architecture, and specifically explores their use of beautiful geometric patterns.

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Alif is a tribute to every woman. Inspired from the majestic first letter of the Arabic alphabet. This collection beautifully signifies strong roots, proud origins, and the core pillar as ‘Assel’ in Arabic.

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Features an array of delicate designs for children in a variety of 18k gold tones highlighting in the heart of each design a single precious diamond or gemstone.

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The Dome collection draws inspiration from the rich heritage of the region’s architecture, specifically the diverse and intricately designed ‘domes’ of the mosques and royal palaces in the Middle East and their majestic beauty.

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Damas Watches

 The range is created for both men and women, with two main categories, classic and sporty that are designed for both men and women where they were developed through a particular manufacturing method with exceptional quality in Switzerland specially for Damas.

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Dreamily crafted with charm and finesse, a splash of colour and life, Farfasha is designed to reflect the poise in every woman.

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Inspired by fireworks their vibrant bursts of colour and lights which create a spectacularly grandiose display as a celebratory showcase of life.

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Key of Hope X Nadine Kanso collaboration, the Arabic jewellery artisan and calligrapher reinterprets Hope with an innovative design that merges not only languages but cultures as well, as we step out from the recent challenges brought on by a global pandemic to revitalize Hope of a better tomorrow and of a better now. Hope is a tribute to both the general public and as a personal tribute to individuals acting as tokens of reminders using words in its design that hold meaning and power in the face of defiant times. To reiterate the mission of Hope a portion of its overall sales is donated to Al Jalila Foundation to advance research and healthcare.

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With a vibrant gem at their center each gemstone represents the heart making for a meaningful gift and a promise of a lifetime, and what better way to express your love than gifting your heart? Kanzi uses 18K rose gold and features necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

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Kiku is a revival of pearl jewellery and an enchanting rendezvous between timeless classic and modern-day glamour. The collection features a striking take on the sophisticated aspect of pearls, giving them a vibrant new twist. Kiku is a stunning mix of the everlasting and the modern, inspired by Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East.

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Features delicate patterns that resemble artistic paintings that draw inspiration from the Arabic architecture with lacelike insertions illustrated by interwoven geometric silhouettes with malachite, black or white mother of pearl and turquoise creating mesmerizing contrast against the 18K yellow gold.

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Classic, chic and sophistication come together to form elegant pieces of jewellery, wearable everyday as a reminder of eternal love.

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From one of most fascinating celestial wonders, The Moon. Our newest collection was named Qamar to reflect the name of the glowing planet in Arabic. The motifs in these pieces are a manifestation of the undeniable charm of the moon, an entity which illuminates our nights and is one of the most powerful plants in our solar system controlling tides, rains, waters, and the seasons. The lunar energy has long been associated with an element of mystery and is a symbol of femininity, enlightenment, illumination & influence. It is also the timekeeper of the lunar Islamic calendar.

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The exclusive Revolve collection was designed with a repetition of delicate layers, radiating with diamond brilliance and gold shine. The collection illustrates a theme of universal balance.

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Turban is a line of cocktail rings that were created to allow each woman to represent her own style in a unique, modern, and fashionable way.

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